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Maxwell Miles Helps businesses to build winning strategies - Strategy Support and Development


  • Business strategy development
  • Proposition development,  including new business planning and launch
  • Commercial Ppanning
  • Omni-Channel strategy development and business change support
    Strategy planning and implementation support
  • Marketing strategy support and development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Due Diligence specialist support

Performance Improvement

  • Performance audit and insight
  • Performance improvement planning
  • Implementation and performance management
Performance Improvement - Help your business to Grow - Maxwell Miles
Experts in Ecommerce Development and Growth, Maxwell Miles can help your business to grow online


  • Ecommerce strategy
  • Ecommerce performance audit and improvement planning
  • Platform and technology selection
  • Customer experience development
  • Website performance management
  • E-commerce development
  • Multi-Channel services development
  • Implementation and performance management


  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing performance audit
  • Customer data
  • Performance improvement planning
  • Brand and communication strategy
Experts in Marketing Strategy Development And Execution. Maxwell Miles can help you reach your customers
Maxwell Miles helps business leaders through strategic support and coaching as well as advising boards and Private Equity Firms

Leadership Support

  • Interim Marketing Director Support
  • Interim CIO Support
  • Mentoring & Coaching for Senior Management and Leadership teams
  • Due Diligence support for private equity and private investors

Artificial Intelligence adoption

  • Leadership Learning
  • Risk and opportunity assessments
  • AI strategy
  • AI planning
Need help developing an AI stragegy or working out how your business can adopt AI technology? Maxwell Miles can help.

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